Introducing the most convenient, travel friendly, DIY jewelry cleaner...The Sparkle Solution.

Remember the first day you put on your jewelry, the way it sparkled and glistened in the light? It’s time to get that sparkle back! We all lead hectic lives today, so that’s why we developed The Sparkle Solution to make cleaning your jewelry convenient and hassle free.

How it works

  • Step 1

    Drop 1 Sparkle Solution tablet into a glass of water.
  • Step 2

    Place your jewelry into the glass and let soak for approximately 30 minutes
  • Step 3

    Remove jewelry from the solution, brush and rinse.
  • Step 4

    You are ready to SPARKLE!!


  • home

  • Office

  • travel


  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - No more dealing with bulky machines that require electricity or jewelry cleaners that leak all over your luggage. The Sparkle Solution can be carried in your purse, your carry on, or your checked luggage
  • CONVENIENT - Use anytime, anywhere. You can now clean your jewelry at home, the office, your hotel room, or anywhere else.
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING POWER - The effervescent tablets are packed with powerful ingredients that loosen dirt and break down oils and residues that are on your jewelry, restoring its shine.
  • SAFE FOR PAVE DIAMONDS - Pave diamonds are delicate and need extra care when it comes time for cleaning. Jewelry cleaning machines that use high vibrations can shake small gemstones loose, that’s why The Sparkle Solution is a gentle and effective way to clean your pave diamond rings
  • Made in the usa